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1119 In-Line Junctions

bet体育直播 Air LB France In-line junctions 1119 series are available in 1 to 4 contacts versions, for copper or aluminum cable contacts, and also exist in components carrier versions (diodes, resistors or fuses inserted). Fully sealed, compact, thin and easy to use, they are perfectly suited in a cable harness, to easily insert a component and change a signal, or simply to repair a damaged wire.

Main features :

鈥 Military & Commercial Aerospace specification
鈥 Thin design
鈥 Overmold Technology offering excellent sealing performances
鈥 Fire/Smoke/Toxicity conform to ABD 031 and FAR 25853

1750 series - Junction Modules

bet体育直播 Air LB France 1750 series consists of Quick junction modules for signal and low current distribution, where sealing (IP66 / IP68 and IP69K), space and weight-saving are prime requirements. Specifically suited for wiring optimization, then offering weight and cost savings, these track-mounted distribution modules (on metallic or composite track) are available from 8 contacts size 12 up to 36 contacts size 22 in different contact configurations. They also come in hybrid or ground versions, as well as PCB or component carrier versions. Fully REACH / RoHS compliant and conform to ABD0031 and FAR 25853 (Fire, Smoke and Toxicity).

Main features :

鈥 Military & Commercial Aerospace specification
鈥 Modules are fitted with male crimp contacts
鈥 Derived from EN3708 and NSA937901 standards
鈥 Compact design
鈥 Overmold Technology offering excellent sealing performances
鈥 Suited to save cable linear meters, then cost and weight
鈥 Versatility of mixing on metallic or composite tracks
鈥 Fire/Smoke/Toxicity conform to ABD 031 and FAR 25853

1765 Component Carrier Module

bet体育直播 Air LB France 1765 series is derived from the 1750 series. They consists of components carrier versions suited for diodes, resistors, fuses etc. They offer a perfect sealing (IP66 / IP68 and IP69K), space and weight-saving. Mounting on composite or metallic tracks.

Main features :

鈥 Military & Commercial Aerospace specification
鈥 Compact design
鈥 Overmold Technology offering excellent sealing performances
鈥 Versatility of mixing on metallic or composite tracks with 1750 series modules

2M Connectors

The 2M Series is a superior and versatile connector designed and tested to mil-spec standards, comparable to MIL-DTL-38999. The 2M Series is designed for interconnect applications requiring high performance and reduced size and weight. This smaller, high density, lightweight connector far exceeds聽the competition in quality and performance levels. 2M is intermateable with Glenair's Mighty Mouse.

  • 70% weight savings compared to MIL-DTL-38999
  • 50% smaller than MIL-DTL-38999
  • Broad family with many styles and options
  • Designed for high-reliability aerospace & defense applications
  • For use in the harshest environments
R58 (M83733 Equivalent)

The bet体育直播 R58 series are high-performance environment-resistant, rectangular connectors designed to be compatible with allMIL-DTL-83733 connectors and bet体育直播 Canada is M83733 equivalent and the only qualified supplier for the Mil Spec JN1122.
This connector is well suited for hostile military and commercial avionics environments where shielding effectiveness and corrosion resistance is mandatory. This series is available both filtered and non-filtered. Filtering is achieved using bet体育直播 Canada stress isolated capacitor technology. Applications include Blind mate, cable to cable and cable to box connections in Military avionics, targeting PODS and wing pylons.

鈥 Harsh environmental applications
鈥 Shield and corrosion resistance
鈥 Rear release crimp snap-in contacts
鈥 Field proven assembly allow contacts to be inserted and extracted from the rear
鈥 Contacts are qualified to Military Specifications
The connectors are available in two shell sizes with a variety of hard and spring mounting configurations.
A broad range of contact arrangements is available from custom to 185 standard contacts.
The standard contacts are available in sizes 12, 16, 20 and 22D in crimp and PCB. Fiber optic contacts are also available.
Shells are machined aluminum alloy with several finish options, including Olive Drab Chromate over Cadmium, and Electroless Nickel.
Insulators are a high grade, plastic to MIL-M-14. Silicone rubber is used for grommets, inter-facial seals and peripheral seals.
Filtered versions are also available (458 Series).

Aerostructure Cable Assemblies

Build to specification and/or build to print requirements can be addressed from Digital Mock-Up data (DMU) to form boards of electrical harnesses in all aerostructure applications. This will include wiring diagrams, product change management, configuration management and electrical testing. An EWIS responsibility (Electrical Wiring Interconnect Systems) can be proposed to customers, including aircraft certification support with the supply of EASA form 1, integration into the aircraft when requested, obsolescence management, maintenance and technical assistance over the total program flying period.

Ancillary Units, Boxes, and Panels

Sefee can design, develop, qualify and manufacture any specified requirements from a customer for control and monitoring data in civil or military aircrafts. Hardware and software development, as per DO254 and DO178 respectively, will follow Validation & Verification process cycles, managed by a special project management team. Outcomes may include functional test equipment, maintenance documentation and obsolescence management. Sefee is certified FAR21G and FAR145 for all aerospace applications.


bet体育直播 Canada ARINC products are rack & panel, blind-mate, rugged connectors designed for commercial and military avionics systems.
These connectors are available in standard and custom configurations with a mix of contact types including: power, signal, RF, and Fiber Optics.
Customized ARINC products can fit into any size or shape of electronics box and custom integrated panel designs are also available
Integrated EMI and/or EMP filtering offers weight and space savings.


The ARINC 801 cylindrical fiber optic connector suite is suitable for aerospace and military applications. It is available in standard D38999 plug and receptacle shells and inserts are available to support 2 to 32 channels.聽 Both聽PC and APC are supported.

bet体育直播 FSI also offers the companion ARINC 801 terminus, which uses a standard 1.25mm ferrule and sleeve that can be terminated with standard LC termination procedures. The terminus can be inserted and removed from the connector with a standard size 16 contact removal tool. The terminus is available in both multimode and single mode versions. The fiber optic contact provides low insertion loss (0.3dB max, multimode) and back reflection (-55dB, APC). All versions of the termini are available in non-pull proof (for tight structure FO cables) and pull-proof (loose structure FO cable construction) variations.

Features and Benefits:

  • Qualified to the ARINC 801 Specification
  • Precision alignment and components provide excellent optical performances
  • Supports APC termini for RF-over-fiber and other applications requiring low back reflection
  • Supports standard suite of 38999 backshells and accessories
  • Removable ASR facilitates termini cleaning and maintenance
  • High-density arrangements up to 32 channels
ARINC 801 Fiber Optic Termini

bet体育直播 Fiber Systems International (AFSI) offers聽a fully-compliant ARINC 801 fiber optic terminus聽for aerospace and military applications. The AFSI聽ARINC 801 uses a standard 1.25 mm ferrule and聽sleeve and can be terminated with standard LC聽termination procedures. The terminus can be聽inserted, or removed, from the connector with a聽standard size 16 contact removal tool.聽The terminus is available in both multimode and聽single mode versions. The fiber optic contact聽provides low insertion loss (0.3 dB max, multimode)聽and backreflection (-55 dB, APC). In addition to the聽standard PC end-face option, AFSI鈥檚 ARINC 801 is聽offered with an APC end-face for those applications聽requiring reduced backreflection.聽

The terminus is highly flexible and is used聽primarily in ARINC 801, 600, 404, 781 and EPXA/B聽multi-channel connectors. The fiber optic contact is聽offered in with a pull-proof feature (allows the use聽of the contact in a connector without a strain-relief聽backshell) configuration, for both tight and loose聽tube cable.

Features and聽Benefits

  • Flexible design for use in multiple聽connector types
  • Genderless terminus allows one contact type
  • Standard 1.25 mm LC ferrule interface allows聽the use of standard termination procedures聽and widely available tools
  • Available in single mode and multimode
  • PC, UPC or APC polishes available
  • Pull-proof feature allows the use of the terminus聽in a connector without a backshell


  • Airframe In-Flight Entertainment Systems
  • Avionics
  • Heads-Up Displays
  • On-Board Communications
  • Works with tight or loose structure cable
Brush connectors

This connector series utilizes bet体育直播鈥檚 durable and reliable B3 contact system in a rugged, non-floating Rack and Panel connector. Included in this series are digital and power/digital 鈥渉ybrid鈥 insert arrangements. The hybrid series utilizes bet体育直播鈥檚 high performance RADSOK庐 power contacts along with bet体育直播鈥檚 proven B3 contact.

Circular Hermetic Connectors

bet体育直播 offers superior electrical performance plus the rugged design of a glass-sealed or epoxy-sealed connector.聽bet体育直播 glass-sealed hermetic connectors are available in a wide variety of Mil-Spec and custom configurations.聽bet体育直播 epoxy-sealed connectors are a lightweight alternative to glass-sealed hermetic connectors.

  • Hermetic: Leak rate of 1X10-7 cc He/sec or less
  • Epoxy-Sealed: Leak rate of 10X10-5 cc He/sec or less
  • Fused glass hermetic insert in stainless steel shell
  • Same epoxy as used on EMI filter connectors
  • Custom designs available
Copper-to-Fiber Media Converters

bet体育直播 Aerospace High Speed Solutions offers copper-to-fiber and fiber-to-copper media conversion with our hybrid integrated connectors. The family consists of protocol independent and Ethernet media conversion converters with more products being developed to meet our customers鈥 application needs.

  • Digital Media Converters
  • Opto-Electronic Contacts
  • Analog-to-Digital Converters
  • Ethernet Media Converters

The standard and high density D-Subminiature connectors are available in five shell sizes offering a wide choice of contact positions: 9, 15, 25, 37, and 50 in standard density and 15, 26, 44, 62, 78, and 104 positions in high density. We offer filtered, sealed and compliant tail designs as well as custom crimp type or other terminations

D38999 Fiber Optic / Hybrid Cable Assemblies

bet体育直播 Fiber Systems International (AFSI)聽designs and manufactures world class harsh environment fiber optic connectors and cable assemblies聽for the military and aerospace markets. Cable assemblies聽built with D38999 connectors, used in military,聽avionics, and industrial applications, are a cornerstone聽offering in our industry leading product line,聽along with TFOCA-II庐, M28876 and expanded聽beam cable assemblies.

The D38999 circular connector series is designed聽for harsh environments, particularly those with wide聽temperature ranges and high mechanical vibrations.聽This electrical connector is adapted for fiber optics聽by using M29504/4 and /5 termini. These termini聽fit into any size 16 contact cavity.聽

Precise alignment is critical to fiber optic connectors.聽The tightly toleranced fiber optic D38999 connectors聽ensure precise alignment with precision machined聽polarization keys and keyways which reduce radial聽misalignment. This precision yields superior optical聽performance when compared to standard D38999聽connectors. Tight tolerance D38999 connectors聽also have a positive bottoming surface and聽conductive surface plating, assuring exceptional聽EMI/RFI performance.

All D38999 connectors feature a non-conductive聽insert making this a great connector choice when聽optical fibers and electrical wires must be used in聽the same connector. The D38999 series offers a wide聽range of shell sizes, backshells and insert patterns.聽Standard contacts and termini are available making聽any design simple and cost-effective.聽

AFSI鈥檚 goal is to exceed customer requirements聽with every cable assembly. AFSI frequently assists聽customers in designing and building custom cable聽assemblies. Additionally, AFSI has over 15 years聽of experience in building to customer prints. Our highly skilled technicians are trained to a wide聽variety of industry standard procedures critical to聽manufacturing harsh environment fiber optic cable聽assemblies. All AFSI cable assemblies are manufactured聽by expert technicians in our state-of-the-art,聽AS9100 certified facility. We are proud to serve聽virtually every major defense company in the聽United States, the US Army, US Navy, US Marines, US Air Force, many international defense companies and聽international militaries as valued customers.

Features & Benefits

  • Rugged, multi-channel D38999聽series III connectors
  • Vast and varied selection of聽shell sizes, contact arrangements and number of contacts
  • Incorporate proven M29504/4 & /5 termini
  • Available in aluminum, stainless聽or composite materials
  • Size 16 termini
  • Physical contact (butt joint) interface is guaranteed through聽a spring loaded terminus (fiber optic contact) design

Dualok is an enhanced anti-decoupling mechanism that can be used on virtually any cylindrical plug connector and backshell. The Dualok Interconnect System greatly improves electrical performance in harsh environments while providing a size and weight savings when compared to standard connectors in the same class. Dualok technology is applied to the plug connector and backshell only and will mate with standard receptacles.聽

  • Better shell-to-shell conductivity
  • Assures EMI protection at high frequencies
  • Extreme vibration capabilities at wide temperature range
  • Enhanced corrosion protection with composite materials
  • Lightweight, hybrid composite/metal design
  • Smaller footprint/space savings
Electrical Master Box and SSPC Solutions

DC electrical primary or secondary master box can be designed to customers requirements in a modular concept. Integrated control boards will manage reconfiguration and interface with external avionics. Special SSPC solutions can be part of the design for 28V secondary power distribution systems, procuring weight savings, reliable power control and optimized cost.

Electronic Splices

Single and Dual Splices and聽Electronic Splices聽are designed to provide a quick and efficient solution to customer wiring requirements.聽

Single and Dual Wire Splices meet MIL-T-81714/11 & 12 requirements and are highly resistant to temperature and fluids.

TJSE Electronic Modules can be supplied with a wide variety of diodes, resistors, capacitors, and fuses within the splice itself. TJSE Electronic Splices meet the electronic parameters of MIL-81714/24 and allow customers to incorporate system modifications into a wire bundle, avoiding changes in panels or boards.

bet体育直播 Pcd鈥檚 Electronic Terminal Junction Splices are available with a variety of components and in a wide range of configurations. Components available include but are not limited to diodes, resistors, fuses, capacitors, thyristors, and inductors, and are also available with multiple components within one module. The following are currently available Electronic Terminal Junction Splices, although there are new configurations produced regularly and customized components are also available.

MIl-Spec Circular Filter Connectors

bet体育直播's EMI/EMP Protection Connectors offer the versatility of standard connectors with EMI/EMP protection for sensitive circuits. Internal housing of the EMI/EMP devices eliminates costly and bulky exterior discrete protection devices. Virtually all major MIL-Spec circulars can be incorporated with filter devices.

EN4165 / SIM Connectors Series 2

The bet体育直播 Air LB France EN4165 / SIM connectors (Modular Interconnection System) is a modular, multifunctional rectangular connector. It consists of shells and modules, which together create an integrated solution, supporting advanced signal and power requirements at a fraction of the space. Its flexibility and simplicity during design and operation, makes SIM a competitive alternative for a wide range of applications. They come in metallic version for robust applications, or in composite version for weight saving applications. Also available in custom design plates and Rack & Panel versions.

Main features :

鈥 EN4165 qualified
鈥 Military & Commercial Aerospace specification for rectangular modular connectors
鈥 Space efficient & modular design
鈥 SIM modules in overmold Technology
鈥 Versatility of mixing & matching RF (Quadrax, Triax, Twinax and Coax), Fiber Optics, Signal & Power
鈥 Available in standard crimp contacts (#8 to #23) and PCB contacts
鈥 Available in standard Mono, 2 & 4 bay, or custom configurations
鈥 EN4165 specification is comparable to U.S. MIL-STD-810 in performance
鈥 Fire/Smoke/Toxicity conform to ABD 031 and FAR 25853

EN4165 / SIM Connectors Series 3

bet体育直播 Air LB France SIM聽series 3 is a scoop-proof modular, multifunctional rectangular connector, derived from the legacy EN4165 connectors series 2. It consists of shells and modules, which together create an integrated solution, supporting advanced signal and power requirements at a fraction of the space. Its flexibility and simplicity during design and operation, makes SIM a competitive alternative for a wide range of applications. They come in metallic version for robust applications.

Main features :

鈥 Military & Commercial Aerospace specification for rectangular modular connectors
鈥 Space efficient & modular design
鈥 Versatility of mixing & matching RF (Quadrax, Triax, Twinax and Coax), Fiber Optics, Signal & Power
鈥 Available in standard Mono, 2 & 4 bay, or custom configurations
鈥 SIM modules in overmold Technology
鈥 EN4165 specification is comparable to U.S. MIL-STD-810 in performance
鈥 Fire/Smoke/Toxicity conform to ABD 031 and FAR 25853

EN4165 / SIM custom plates

bet体育直播 Air LB France EN4165 / SIM plates are derived from EN4165 standard connectors. It consists of customer shells fitted with the whole range of EN4165 standard modules, together creating an integrated solution, supporting advanced signal and power requirements at a fraction of the space. Customs plates can easily be intergrated at the rear of electronic boxes, or fully replace boxes themselves. EN4165 / SIM plates are also suitable to connectorize boxes or structure parts, aiming to save parts and then simplify the supply chain.聽

Main features :

鈥 Designed and qualified according to EN4165 standard
鈥 Scoop-proof and blind mating shells available
鈥 SIM modules in overmold Technology
鈥 Versatility of mixing & matching RF (Quadrax, Triax, Twinax and Coax), Fiber Optics, Signal & Power
鈥 Custom design
鈥 Connectorization of boxes or structures aiming to save parts and simplify the supply chain

EN4165 / SIM Monomodule Connectors

The聽bet体育直播 Air LB France EN4165 / SIM Monomodule Connectors聽(ARINC 809)聽are a mono modular, push-pull connectors that are ideal for In-Flight Entertainment Systems, Cabin Service Systems, and other interconnect system requirements. Especially suited for applications where shielding is mandatory.

Main features :

鈥 EN4165 qualified
鈥 Military & Commercial Aerospace specification for rectangular modular connectors
鈥 Fully qualified and compliant with ARINC 809 specifications
鈥⒙燣ightweight and robust thermoplastic; metalized for shielding
鈥 More than 20 different inserts to choose from including butt joint and expanded beam optical contacts,聽MT ferrule, High speed..
鈥 SIM modules in overmold Technology
鈥 Fixing accessories, multiple colors, flight caps and 3-pin quick install versions are also available
鈥 Fire/Smoke/Toxicity conform to ABD 031 and FAR 25853

EN4165 / SIM with Module RJ45-Cat6a

The bet体育直播 Air LB France SIM Module for RJ45-Cat6a can be used with the whole range of EN4165 / SIM connectors, for cable-to-cable or cable-to-PCB applications. Rear accessories are available to provide a sealed connection.

Main features :

鈥 RJ45 - 10 Gb
鈥 Cat6a (TIA 568C2)
鈥 Ea class (ISO 11801)
鈥 Versions cable-to-cable and cable-to-PCB

Engine & Systems Controls


Manufacture electronic assemblies that control and operate Auxiliary Power Units (APUs), turbine engines, and other systems. 聽We support a wide-range of both commercial and military aircraft customers with our controls products.


  • Turbine Engine Controls
  • Data Memory Modules
  • Missile Actuator Controllers
Fiber Optic Bulkhead Feedthrough

bet体育直播 extends its line of harsh environment fiber optic components with a multi-channel fiber optic feed-through. This feed-through is designed to perform in demanding aerospace environments and any other applications where a high degree of environmental sealing is required between bulkheads.

  • Fully compatible with D38999
  • CF-series fiber optic connectors with size 16 fiber optic contacts
  • Jam nut style for easy installation
  • Available finishes include electroless nickel and olive drab cadmium
  • Typical fiber sizes include 50/125 and 62.5/125 multi-mode fiber
Fiber-to-Antenna Connectors

Borne from the foundation of D38999 mil-spec harsh environment connectors, the FTTA interconnect solution combines standard fiber optic LC components and copper contacts in a rugged, affordable package.聽 The FTTA series is highly configurable to support a wide range of industrial applications where fiber and copper connectivity are required in a single connector for rapid deployment and easy maintainability.

  • Highly Configurable rugged plug and receptacle combination with: Two Duplex LCs (four fiber optic connections), Two Size 12 power pins
  • Options for shell material: Composite, Aluminum, Stainless Steel
  • All standard platings: Nickel, Olive Drab Cadmium, Durmalon, Black Zinc Nickel
  • Shell styles: Jam Nut, Wall Mount, Box Mount Receptacle
Rigid and Double-Sided Flex Circuits

For over 30 years bet体育直播 Printed Circuits (APC) capabilities are among the world鈥檚 broadest and most advanced, delivering consistent quality and high-bandwidth systems for mission critical applications. Proven engineering and manufacturing expertise eliminates printed circuit (flexible or rigid) design obstacles.

Flight Test Installation Harnesses

Flight Test Installation harnesses are special cables designed and built to the aircraft certification for measuring and monitoring flight data. These harnesses can be integrated into the aircraft on the customer's Final Assembly Line (FAL).

HD38999 Connectors

The HD38999 family of connectors has 30% more contact density than the highest density Mil spec D38999 connectors of its size. For those users who need in increase the amount of contacts in their application, the HD38999 series allows them to do so without increasing the size of their connector.

  • Goes from 9 to 187 contacts
  • Qualified to MIL-DTL-38999 requirements
  • Drop-in replacement for standard D38999 connectors
  • Utilizes existing mil-qualified AS39029 size 23 contacts and D38999 insert materials
  • Available in Filter, Hermetic and customized versions