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1750 series - Junction Modules

bet体育直播 Air LB France 1750 series consists of Quick junction modules for signal and low current distribution, where sealing (IP66 / IP68 and IP69K), space and weight-saving are prime requirements. Specifically suited for wiring optimization, then offering weight and cost savings, these track-mounted distribution modules (on metallic or composite track) are available from 8 contacts size 12 up to 36 contacts size 22 in different contact configurations. They also come in hybrid or ground versions, as well as PCB or component carrier versions. Fully REACH / RoHS compliant and conform to ABD0031 and FAR 25853 (Fire, Smoke and Toxicity).

Main features :

鈥 Military & Commercial Aerospace specification
鈥 Modules are fitted with male crimp contacts
鈥 Derived from EN3708 and NSA937901 standards
鈥 Compact design
鈥 Overmold Technology offering excellent sealing performances
鈥 Suited to save cable linear meters, then cost and weight
鈥 Versatility of mixing on metallic or composite tracks
鈥 Fire/Smoke/Toxicity conform to ABD 031 and FAR 25853

38999 Stand-off

Stand-off receptacles for 38999 allow to fix directly the connector to the board with 3 or 4 screws. The square flange and jam nut receptacles are equipped with PC tail contacts and stand-off. This feature avoids the use of fastening device during the soldering process and ensures a perfect grounding between the shell of the connector and the ground of the board.

Waterproof Breakaway Connectors

bet体育直播 Nexus Technologies is the leader in watertight, breakaway connectors designed to meet severe environmental conditions. Our connectors, which are watertight in up to 6 feet of water, have molded-on wiping-action contacts that provide a self-cleaning feature and eliminate issues with pin/socket open contacts. The 7-Pin and 10-Pin connectors are designed for multiple cable diameters, are available in shielded versions, and can include either solder-type contacts of insulation-piercing contacts, which are field replaceable. Many of the 7- and 10-pin Connectors also come in a miniature versions that is 50% smaller than the standard connector. All standard connector options are also available in the miniaturized versions.

  • Push-pull breakaway/Quick-disconnect
  • Up to 5,000 mating cycles with standard versions (3,000 cycles with miniaturized versions)
  • 2 amps max per contact
  • Panel-mount plugs and receptacles available
75 Ohms contacts

Dedicated to video application in harsh environment (military and aerospace applications), the 75 Ohms impedance matched contacts offer several advantages for reliable signal transmission in the world largest connector platform in the world (MIL-DTL-38999). Features and benefits:鈥 Meet HD-TV protocols (3G-SDI) 鈥 Conform to AS39029/59 and /60 interface 鈥 Crimp and PCB version available 鈥 Custom contacts and easy cable adaptation further customer request.

R58 (M83733 Equivalent)

The bet体育直播 R58 series are high-performance environment-resistant, rectangular connectors designed to be compatible with allMIL-DTL-83733 connectors and bet体育直播 Canada is M83733 equivalent and the only qualified supplier for the Mil Spec JN1122.
This connector is well suited for hostile military and commercial avionics environments where shielding effectiveness and corrosion resistance is mandatory. This series is available both filtered and non-filtered. Filtering is achieved using bet体育直播 Canada stress isolated capacitor technology. Applications include Blind mate, cable to cable and cable to box connections in Military avionics, targeting PODS and wing pylons.

鈥 Harsh environmental applications
鈥 Shield and corrosion resistance
鈥 Rear release crimp snap-in contacts
鈥 Field proven assembly allow contacts to be inserted and extracted from the rear
鈥 Contacts are qualified to Military Specifications
The connectors are available in two shell sizes with a variety of hard and spring mounting configurations.
A broad range of contact arrangements is available from custom to 185 standard contacts.
The standard contacts are available in sizes 12, 16, 20 and 22D in crimp and PCB. Fiber optic contacts are also available.
Shells are machined aluminum alloy with several finish options, including Olive Drab Chromate over Cadmium, and Electroless Nickel.
Insulators are a high grade, plastic to MIL-M-14. Silicone rubber is used for grommets, inter-facial seals and peripheral seals.
Filtered versions are also available (458 Series).

Thermometrics Active In Car Temperature Sensor (AIT)

The Active聽In Car Temperature Sensor provides in-cabin temperature measurement for vehicles that have an automated temperature control system to improve temperature accuracy, cabin comfort and efficiency of the vehicle's temperature control system.

By bet体育直播 Advanced Sensors |聽Thermometrics, Inc.


  • Existing field proven design
  • Fast response
  • Accuracy maximizes driver/passenger comfort
  • Ultra-low noise, high air flow optimised system design
  • Coreless-type motor
  • Small size & flexible packaging facilitates installation & service
  • Low current consumption
  • Long-term stability 鈥 even in extreme humidity environments
  • Alternate RvT curves available
  • Available with/without humidity sensor
  • Electronics integrated into one assembly with the temperature sensor
  • Different geometries to meet package requirements
AN/PRC 117G & 152 Military Radio Data Connectors

bet体育直播 Tactical Communication (ATC) connectors and cable assemblies are designed to interface with the AN/PRC-117G and AN/PRC-152 military radio 32 pin data connector. 聽These connectors are used to interface with ruggedized laptops, Intercom systems and FBCB2. 聽ATC connectors are available as field installable connector kits and as factory assembled molded cable assemblies. 聽The ATC connectors are designed to be used in harsh environment applications and feature a rugged, watertight two (2) piece metal shell design. 聽The design includes enhanced EMI-shielding capabilities to ensure the superior performance that you would expect from bet体育直播.


bet体育直播鈥檚 Aquacon Series of connectors has been designed to provide maximum service in oceanic or fluid immersion applications. A specially designed aluminum bronze coupling nut and type 316 stainless steel shells resist corrosion and provide a pressure-withstanding connector. Positive threaded coupling, 鈥淥鈥 rings, and a color band visual indicator assure sealing and proper mating. A rear accessory thread provides for the use of EMI hardware or molding adapters. Aquacon Connectors are available in a straight plug and two receptacle styles. Hermetically sealed (1 X 10-6 cc/ sec leakage rate) arrangements are also available.

  • Corrosion resistant aluminum bronze coupling nut and stainless steel sleeve
  • Hermetic and non-hermetic inserts in MIL-DTL-38999 patterns. Glass or hard dielectric material
  • Visual mating indicator
  • 1500 PSI sealing capability assured by threaded coupling and 鈥淥鈥 ring
  • Pin or socket contacts in either plug or receptacle
  • Environmental resistant molded cable terminations with or without EMI accessory

bet体育直播 Canada ARINC products are rack & panel, blind-mate, rugged connectors designed for commercial and military avionics systems.
These connectors are available in standard and custom configurations with a mix of contact types including: power, signal, RF, and Fiber Optics.
Customized ARINC products can fit into any size or shape of electronics box and custom integrated panel designs are also available
Integrated EMI and/or EMP filtering offers weight and space savings.

ARINC 801 Fiber Optic Termini

bet体育直播 Fiber Systems International (AFSI) offers聽a fully-compliant ARINC 801 fiber optic terminus聽for aerospace and military applications. The AFSI聽ARINC 801 uses a standard 1.25 mm ferrule and聽sleeve and can be terminated with standard LC聽termination procedures. The terminus can be聽inserted, or removed, from the connector with a聽standard size 16 contact removal tool.聽The terminus is available in both multimode and聽single mode versions. The fiber optic contact聽provides low insertion loss (0.3 dB max, multimode)聽and backreflection (-55 dB, APC). In addition to the聽standard PC end-face option, AFSI鈥檚 ARINC 801 is聽offered with an APC end-face for those applications聽requiring reduced backreflection.聽

The terminus is highly flexible and is used聽primarily in ARINC 801, 600, 404, 781 and EPXA/B聽multi-channel connectors. The fiber optic contact is聽offered in with a pull-proof feature (allows the use聽of the contact in a connector without a strain-relief聽backshell) configuration, for both tight and loose聽tube cable.

Features and聽Benefits

  • Flexible design for use in multiple聽connector types
  • Genderless terminus allows one contact type
  • Standard 1.25 mm LC ferrule interface allows聽the use of standard termination procedures聽and widely available tools
  • Available in single mode and multimode
  • PC, UPC or APC polishes available
  • Pull-proof feature allows the use of the terminus聽in a connector without a backshell


  • Airframe In-Flight Entertainment Systems
  • Avionics
  • Heads-Up Displays
  • On-Board Communications
  • Works with tight or loose structure cable
Cable Adapters

bet体育直播 Pcd now offers a complete range of high performance Cable Adapters. Simply choose the connectors you want, along with the cable length you want, and we鈥檒l make the adapter on-demand. 聽Virtually any connector can be used, and although we offer a standard cable type, custom cables are always on option. 聽The possibilities are endless.

Cable and Wire Harnesses


bet体育直播 Borisch Technologies has a long history of designing wire harnesses and point-to-point cables for a broad range of Defense and Aerospace applications. We rely on highly automated equipment, built-in-test and highly skilled operators to ensure product is of the highest quality. We inspect our cables 100% electrically, visually, and mechanically.


  • MIL-Qualified M83513/3 and /4 Micro-D
  • Over-molding, Custom Backshells and Cable Transitions
  • Braiding for EMI/RFI and Mechanical Abrasion Production
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Live-Layup, Test and Custom Fixtures for Critical Mechanical Fit Applications
  • Highly Automated Equipment
  • X-Ray
Circular Hermetic Connectors

bet体育直播 offers superior electrical performance plus the rugged design of a glass-sealed or epoxy-sealed connector.聽bet体育直播 glass-sealed hermetic connectors are available in a wide variety of Mil-Spec and custom configurations.聽bet体育直播 epoxy-sealed connectors are a lightweight alternative to glass-sealed hermetic connectors.

  • Hermetic: Leak rate of 1X10-7 cc He/sec or less
  • Epoxy-Sealed: Leak rate of 10X10-5 cc He/sec or less
  • Fused glass hermetic insert in stainless steel shell
  • Same epoxy as used on EMI filter connectors
  • Custom designs available
CTOS Expanded Beam Fiber Optic

bet体育直播's CTOS SM and CTOL SM is a unique expanded beam singlemode fiber optic connector. They are used in diverse applications such as Battlefield, UAV, Oil & Gas, Railway, and Broadcast. To make deployment easier, we developed a Compact Carrier Deployable System. This is the lightest and most compact solution available on the market.

Custom Hermetic Feedthroughs

In applications where the reliability and performance of electrical feedthroughs are critical, such as gas tight barriers or high-pressure differentials, hermetic feedthroughs are essential to maintain system integrity. Martec offers hermetic feedthroughs tailored specifically to your requirements, providing seals able to withstand pressures up to 60,000psi (4,100Bar), temperatures from cryogenic up to 1,000掳C and for use in aggressive and hostile environments. Such seals can be manufactured using a range of materials such as Stainless Steel, Titanium, or Inconel.

  • Hermetic seal - Low leak rates
  • Pressure up to 60,000psi (400 Mpa)
  • Fire wall capabilities to 1000掳C (1832掳F)
  • Optimised Design
Custom Molded Cables for Harsh Environments

bet体育直播 offers high performance injection-molded cable assemblies (PVC, TPU, LSZH, and Polyurethane). bet体育直播 performs potting and encapsulation with MIL-M 24041 epoxies. 聽Our mold library supports most bet体育直播 and Mil-Spec connectors. 聽With vast adhesion studies made on new plating materials, superior over-molding is achieved.聽

Featuers & Benefits

  • Superior performance
  • MIL-M 24041 epoxies
  • Perfected over-mold technology

The standard and high density D-Subminiature connectors are available in five shell sizes offering a wide choice of contact positions: 9, 15, 25, 37, and 50 in standard density and 15, 26, 44, 62, 78, and 104 positions in high density. We offer filtered, sealed and compliant tail designs as well as custom crimp type or other terminations

NPA-201 Digital Output Absolute Pressure Sensor

The NovaSensor NPA-201 Digital Output Absolute Pressure Sensor provides low power consumption and compact size, making it ideal for battery-powered and mobile applications or any application where size is a constraint. In today鈥檚 growing market for portable electronics and wearables with multiple parameters being measured there are many applications that require an accurate measurement of barometric pressure to determine factors such as altitude.


  • 260 to 1260 mBar absolute pressure range
  • Temperature measurement included
  • Sleep State current <250nA (25掳C)
  • Temperature resolution: <0.003K/LSB
  • 16bit pressure and temperature resolution
  • Operation temperature: 鈥40掳C to +85 掳C
  • I2C interface
  • Operating range 1.7 ~ 3.6V
  • Small size package (2.0 x 2.5 x 1.0mm)
  • 8-HCLGA package
  • Fully Calibrated and Compensated
  • Digital compensation via 18bit internal digital signal processor (DSP) running a correction algorithm

By bet体育直播 Advanced Sensors | NovaSensor

Thermometrics E-Stat Controller

The聽E-stat聽Controller is used in automobile air conditions to prevent the evaporator core from freezing. The NTC probe senses the temperature of the air as it passes through the evaporator core. An electronic control circuit interprets the change in resistance of the thermistor to indicate when the evaporator core is near freezing. The control circuit then provides an output to disengage the compressor clutch, allowing the evaporator core to warm. When the air temperature of the evaporator core warms up, the circuit reactivates the clutch allowing the evaporator to cool.

By bet体育直播 Advanced Sensors | Thermometrics, Inc.


  • High sensitivity
  • High reliability
  • Wide application voltage
  • Customizable range of drive current outputs and unlimited packaging designs
Electro-Mechanical Integration


At bet体育直播 Borisch Technologies we understand that building complex assemblies requires a robust quality system, strong engineering support and world class operators. bet体育直播 will provide you with a dedicated Program Manager that has the resources and expertise to ensure you will receive excellent service.


  • Program Management
  • Design and Launch Support
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Supply Chain Expertise
  • Vertically Integrated Manufacturing
  • Second-to-none Test Engineering
Electronic Assemblies


At bet体育直播 Borisch Technologies we understand that high reliability electronics requires state-of-the art equipment, experienced and passionate people, and rigorous process validation. We work closely with our customers during the New Product Introduction (NPI) stage to ensure that products meet or exceeds all requirements and expectations right from the very start of the project.


  • Automated Select Solder, Press-fit and Hand Solder for Through Hole
  • Single & Double-sided BGA鈥檚 and uBGAs
  • High Density Packages (0201)
  • Chip on Board
  • Lead-free
  • Conformal Coat: UR, UL and Parylene
EN4165 / SIM Connectors Series 2

The bet体育直播 Air LB France EN4165 / SIM connectors (Modular Interconnection System) is a modular, multifunctional rectangular connector. It consists of shells and modules, which together create an integrated solution, supporting advanced signal and power requirements at a fraction of the space. Its flexibility and simplicity during design and operation, makes SIM a competitive alternative for a wide range of applications. They come in metallic version for robust applications, or in composite version for weight saving applications. Also available in custom design plates and Rack & Panel versions.

Main features :

鈥 EN4165 qualified
鈥 Military & Commercial Aerospace specification for rectangular modular connectors
鈥 Space efficient & modular design
鈥 SIM modules in overmold Technology
鈥 Versatility of mixing & matching RF (Quadrax, Triax, Twinax and Coax), Fiber Optics, Signal & Power
鈥 Available in standard crimp contacts (#8 to #23) and PCB contacts
鈥 Available in standard Mono, 2 & 4 bay, or custom configurations
鈥 EN4165 specification is comparable to U.S. MIL-STD-810 in performance
鈥 Fire/Smoke/Toxicity conform to ABD 031 and FAR 25853

Evaporator Core Temperature Sensor

Thermometrics Evaporator Core Temperature Sensor聽measures evaporator core temperature in a vehicle's HVAC system so that it doesn鈥檛 freeze over, preventing a costly repair. The ultra fast response time aids in the HVAC system efficiency by enabling the evaporator core to operate closer to 0掳C without the risk of a freeze over condition.


  • Existing field-proven design
  • Probe construction protects the thermistor from moisture
  • Fast response time using geometry and materials optimized for maximum heat transfer
  • Small size & flexible packaging facilitates installation & service
  • Snap-fit housing eliminates wiring insulation damage and provides strain relief
  • Long-term stability 鈥 proprietary silver migration controls
  • Salt fog resistant
  • Alternate RvT curves available
  • Different geometries to meet package requirements available

By bet体育直播 Advanced Sensors | Thermometrics, Inc.

Evaporator Temperature Sensor

Thermometrics Evaporator Temperature Sensor is used to measure evaporator core temperature. An evaporator cools the refrigerant in the HVAC system. Since the evaporator core operates at temperatures very close to 0掳C, it is important to have an accurate and robust thermistor to measure its temperature to prevent the core from freezing. A frozen core could result in costly damage to the evaporator core and diminished HVAC operation, so that the cabin temperature can no longer be controlled.


  • High accuracy and long term stability
  • Fast response time
  • Small size & flexible packaging
  • Snap-fit housing eliminates wiring insulation damage
  • Easy twist-to-lock design for easy installation and service
  • Integral connector
  • The parts passed 2000 hour + submersion test
  • Pigtail and fin-type versions available
  • Alternate RvT curves available
  • Different geometries to meet package requirements

By bet体育直播 Advanced Sensors | Thermometrics, Inc.

Rigid and Double-Sided Flex Circuits

For over 30 years bet体育直播 Printed Circuits (APC) capabilities are among the world鈥檚 broadest and most advanced, delivering consistent quality and high-bandwidth systems for mission critical applications. Proven engineering and manufacturing expertise eliminates printed circuit (flexible or rigid) design obstacles.

FS115 LowPro Low-Profile, Fiber Optic Connectors

bet体育直播 Fiber Systems International(AFSI) offers聽the LowPro series of low-profile, fiber optic connectors.聽The FS115 LowPro has a height of 0.25" making
it ideal for edge-card connections and other聽applications that require minimal connector profiles.聽Using field-proven M29504/14 & /15 termini,聽this fiber optic connector has excellent optical聽performance with insertion losses of 0.35 dB (typical),聽0.75 dB (maximum) and typical back reflection聽of -50 dB (single mode).聽

The standard connector is offered with two fiber聽optic channels. Additional channels are available聽upon consultation with the factory. The FS115聽LowPro is available in side mount, panel mount and聽inline configurations to support multiple mounting聽options. LowPro connectors are also offered in聽a wide variety of plating options and materials聽(aluminum, stainless steel, marine bronze and brass)聽to satisfy a wide range of harsh environments.

Features & Benefits

  • Low-profile, fiber optic connector for聽applications requiring minimal height profiles
  • Field-proven M29504/14 & /15 termini聽provides excellent optical performance
  • Available in a wide variety of materials聽supporting various harsh environments
  • Multiple configurations provide support聽for several mounting options


  • Ground Systems
  • Avionics
  • Shipboard Systems
FS12 Pierside Fiber Optic Connectors

bet体育直播 Fiber Systems International鈥檚 (AFSI) FS12聽fiber optic connector is for harsh environment,聽broadcast and pierside applications. This connector is聽available in either single mode or multimode and uses聽field-proven MIL-PRF-29504 termini.聽

The 12-channel FS12聽Pierside connector聽design provides flexibility聽for current and聽future Navy communication聽requirements聽both afloat and聽ashore. This connector
is also ideal for聽high fiber-count tactical broadcast networks.聽

Removable termini, qualified to MIL-PRF-29504聽specifications, enables quick connector聽reconfiguration and field maintainability.

Features and Benefits

  • Hermaphroditic Design: Enables plug-to-plug聽or plug-to-receptacle connectivity
  • Rugged Design: FS12 Pierside connector聽handles the rigors of deployment and harsh聽environment conditions for both industrial聽and military applications
  • Environmentally Sealed Connector: Ensures聽environmental integrity
  • Military Qualified MIL-PRF-29504 /14 &聽/15 Termini: Takes advantage of tightly聽toleranced commercial ceramic ferrules and聽alignment sleeves allowing either single mode聽or multimode use
  • Removable Insert Cap: Enables ease of socket聽termini cleaning
  • Captive Insert Cap Screw: Prevents loss of聽screw during cleaning or repair
  • Sealed Termini: Keeps the optical path clear聽under extreme environmental conditions
  • Field Repairable Using Existing Parts: Additional connector components (other than聽termini) are not required to perform field repair


  • Umbilical cables used to interface between聽shore and ship networks
  • Broadcast
  • U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corp聽tactical and strategic deployments
  • Oil, gas and geoscience industries
  • Industrial
Fuel Temperature Sensor (FTS)

Thermometrics Fuel Temperature Sensor聽(FTS) is designed to measure the temperature of a vehicle's fuel and relay this information to the engine control unit, so that it can optimize the air-to-fuel mix ratio, depending on what the fuel temperature is with respect to the intake air temperature. The sensor enables the vehicle to run at maximum efficiency based on temperature. The more optimized the combustion process is, the less pollutants that are emitted via the exhaust system.


  • Integral sealed connector
  • Gold plated terminals
  • Use of crimp & weld terminals allows for various lengths
  • PS plastic connector for higher temperatures
  • O-ring and shell materials compatible with bio-diesel applications and meet new cleanliness requirements
  • Increased vibration resistance and durability
  • Field-proven design
  • Pigtail versions also available
  • Alternate RvT curves available
  • Different geometries to meet package requirements
  • Other resistance and beta values available

By bet体育直播 Advanced Sensors | Thermometrics, Inc.

GE-1856 - Intake Air Temperature Sensor (IAT) | Thermometrics

Thermometrics GE-1856聽Intake聽Air Temperature Sensor (IAT) monitors the temperature of the incoming聽intake聽air for an engine and provides a signal聽output that is proportional to air temperature. This signal can be used as an聽input to provide a signal to an ECU (Engine Control Unit). The ECU then uses聽this information to adjust fuel delivery and optimize the air-to-fuel ratio to聽produce the most efficient combustion. This sensor is also suitable for air duct temperature measurement in聽non-condensing HVAC applications.Thermometrics GE-1856聽Intake聽Air Temperature Sensor (IAT) monitors the temperature of the incoming聽intake聽air for an engine and provides a signal聽output that is proportional to air temperature. This signal can be used as an聽input to provide a signal to an ECU (Engine Control Unit). The ECU then uses聽this information to adjust fuel delivery and optimize the air-to-fuel ratio to聽produce the most efficient combustion. This sensor is also suitable for air duct temperature measurement in聽non-condensing HVAC applications.

By bet体育直播 Advanced Sensors | Thermometrics, Inc.


  • High accuracy and long term stability
  • Fast response time
  • Easy installation and service
  • Integral sealed connector
  • Alternate RvT curves available
  • Other resistance and beta values available
Thermometrics Harsh Environment Chip Thermistor CR-1

The聽CR-1聽Harsh聽Environment Chip Thermistors are Sn-coated Alloy 52 leads with high performance acid and moisture resistant coating.Our NTC chip thermistors are ideal for聽harsh environment applications and high volume assembly.

By bet体育直播 Advanced Sensors | Thermometrics, Inc.


  • AEC Q200 Rev D Qualified
  • Suitable for automotive, EGR, SCR, TMAP, OAT, HVAC & white goods applications
  • Operation up to 190掳C with excellent stability
  • Small body diameter
  • Fast response
  • High thermal shock resistance
  • Automotive/Aerospace fluids resistance
  • Water immersion
  • Flexible 鈥 coated leads can be formed
  • Insulation resistance to 1kV d.c.
  • Designed for accurate temperature measurement, control & compensation
  • Tight tolerances on resistance and B value
  • Available on bandolier to IEC 286-2RoHS 2011/65/EC / REACH compliant