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Hardline Cable, Semiflex Cable, Trunk, Distribution

A premier manufacturer聽for coaxial cables for the telecommunications industries. Our product profile provides designs for specialized聽applications needing single coaxial and multi-coaxial cables in various sizes, combinations, and specifications for telecommunications as well as the radio, video, TV and information industries.

The T10-TX10 Hardline cable line is a seamless extruded tube. TFC鈥檚 T10-TX10 cable will outlast the standard welded tube cables.聽 This cable is designed to eliminate pinhole leaks and microcracking. This cable line can be used with all the coring tools and connectors

LMR庐 Coaxial Cables

LMR cables are high performance coaxial communications cables designed for use in virtually all wireless system applications.聽 The cables are more flexible than corrugated cables and exhibit much lower loss than traditional RG cables. Additional LMR products include high performance connectors in popular interfaces, prep tools, installation tools and accessories.

LMR庐 Cable Installation Tools

Times Microwave Systems offers a complete line of rugged, specially designed custom cable prep tools.聽 These tools are designed to eliminate or minimize many of the mechanical and electrical variables that play a part in the connector attachment process.聽 In addition to providing much desired control in the field connector attachment process, they offer a considerable time savings and are much safer to use than traditional cable prepping.


PhaseTrack庐 cable assemblies are designed for applications demanding minimal phase change over temperature.聽 All PhaseTrack cables use proprietary TF4庐 dielectric that does not have the abrupt shift in the phase that occurs with solid or tape wrapped PTFE based products under normal room ambient temperature conditions.聽 PhaseTrack cable has the same triple shield construction used in Times popular SF庐, SFT庐, SilverLine庐 and MT cables.

RodentRepel, HardlineRodentRepel,DropRodentRepel,

RodentRepel庐 cables help mitigate costly repairs and replacement caused by rodent chewing damage. bet体育直播 solves this persistent and common problem, by utilizing a propriety non-hazardous, non-toxic, animal aversive additive in the jacketing of our RodentRepel庐 products. This environmentally safe, animal friendly solution does not require special handling procedures, which makes this a perfect drop-in solution for areas prone to rodent damage. Available in both drop and hardline applications, RodentRepel庐 cables have an optional green tracer stripe that can be added making it easily identifiable as containing the RodentRepel庐 additive.

Semiflex, Hardline, Trunk, Distribution

The low D.C. loop resistance of T10 and TX10 cable results in lower installation and annual power costs. These cables are ideal for urban and coastal environments, feeder or underground applications, and resistant to extensive mechanical abuse and rodent attack. These cables have a specified 1 Ghz bandwidth for all rebuilds, upgrades, or new plants, and allows a system to handle future demands.


SFT鈩 high performance microwave cables are rugged and flexible making them ideal for interconnect applications from inside LRUs to system interconnects and antenna feeders in military and commercial systems. The wide range of available connectors cover many interface types and frequency ranges.

Thermometrics NTC Thermistors Surface Mount Devices (SMD)

Thermometrics NTC Type Surface Mount Devices (SMD) are intended for temperature measurement, control and compensation. They are suitable for standard soldering techniques and availabe in a range of sizes, including 0402, 0603, 0805 and 1206.

By bet体育直播 Advanced Sensors | Thermometrics, Inc.


  • Nickel barrier tin-plated terminations for soldering
  • High sensitivity to changes in temperature
  • Wide operating temperature range -40掳C to 125掳C
  • Rugged construction
  • Excellent solderability without 鈥渢ombstoning鈥
  • Glass-coated ceramic between electrodes for improved stability
  • Supplied in tape-and-reel packaging
  • Available in other material systems